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Home care, handled with care

About InSafeHands

InSafeHands is a registered provider of home care with a reputation for delivering outstanding, award-winning levels of service which enables people across Cheshire to live fuller, more rewarding lives, every day.


Our Mission

Every day, we aim to bring more personalised care to home care. From providing person-centred care to dependable domestic services, we put the needs of the individual at the heart of everything we do.

Setting new standards in home care

InSafeHands was established in 2009 by founder and business owner Rachel Wright, a registered nurse and respected Chair of Trustees at her local hospital. Right from the start, Rachel saw the need for a more personalised and attentive level of care which would place the individual needs of each client right at the heart of our service. Assisted by an experienced team of like-minded care professionals, InSafeHands has now evolved into one of the most trusted and respected names in home care provision.

Our difference

What differentiates our service, is the way we care about the person you are. Because every individual is different, we ensure that every care plan is different. We lead the way in providing more personalised care which puts people’s individual needs first. Through our person-centred approach, we don’t just help maintain your quality of life, but add to it wherever we can. Whether it’s through companionship, helping you to get out and about, preparing meals, supporting your medical needs or taking care of the household chores you simply can’t do any more, we’re here to help.   

Expertise you can trust

Our CQC rating is something we take great pride in and our clients take great comfort in.

For extra reassurance, our staff are also fully vetted and DBS checked, with additional checks being carried out on all references, so you know that our care standards are fully safeguarded at all times.

Home care, carefully monitored

Because everything is carefully monitored, nothing is left to chance. Every day, we exist to raise standards in the home care sector, by ensuring real-time digital monitoring of all client visits and appointments. This technology enables us to continually check on each client’s progress, ensuring joined-up, fully connected care which puts each person’s individual needs first.

Our care commitment to you

We’re committed to prioritising quality care over profitability. This means always being there when we say we will and always providing consistently high standards of care at fair prices which compare favourably with other care providers.

Our time commitment to you

For us, home care is about leaving each client feeling happy and comfortable, not fitting as many calls as we can into each day. We’re totally focused on spending the right amount of time with each client, so to ensure our visits don’t feel rushed, we give each appointment a half-hour tolerance window either way. This means our carers will never leave before they should or do less than they ought to, because they always have the time they need, to get to the next call on time. We think that’s a better arrangement.

Nurse-led training

For us, professional home care starts with industry-leading training. Unlike some providers, our carers never go on the road with just a couple of hours’ basic training. Instead, our carers undergo a rigorous, nurse-led induction programme, with all training and mentoring directly overseen by Rachel and her experienced team of care professionals. This hands-on approach ensures that our carers are equipped with the in-depth knowledge and insights which make so much difference at the point of care.

Our awards and accreditations

Every day, our focus on providing quality care is helping people to stay at home safely across Cheshire. Our dedication to providing a more personalised and flexible home care service is regularly recognised at industry award ceremonies.
In 2017, our Managing Director, Rachel Wright was voted Regional Winner of the Great British Care Awards.

Feel safe in our knowledge.
Helping to change perceptions of dementia.

We’re directly involved in changing perceptions of dementia, because we believe that the more we know about it, the better able we are to destigmatise it.

Our nurse-led training equips our care team with the knowledge they need to spot any early signs that more specialised care may be needed and helps us to provide well thought-out solutions which enable our clients to live life as fully as possible. We also helped to launch Creating Dementia Friendly Nantwich with our local partners and support the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme, the biggest ever initiative to change perceptions and transform the way the nation thinks about, reacts to and talks about the condition.