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Empowering clients through independence

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Our clients and their families choose In Safe Hands for our caring and supportive services. We are proud to deliver a full range of care provisions in our community to a high standard.

Perhaps less considered, yet of paramount importance to us, is the promotion of independence for our clients in their everyday lives. This is of course assessed on an individual basis, but to support our clients and enable or empower them is so important, and here’s why.

Confidence and Self-worth

Many of our clients are brought into our care when they are vulnerable or lack self-confidence and therefore don’t recognise or understand the value of self-care.

Our carers have seen significant improvements in the longer-term mental health and happiness of our clients once they have a sense of purpose and responsibility, both in their community and for themselves.

For individuals we feel can benefit from this, we adopt a different approach to our care for them. We are still supporting them and helping them, but also building trust with their families and the client.

We take time to show individuals that they have a voice and can make decisions, from simple activities like picking meals and undertaking household chores.

These daily achievements develop and build self-confidence as we have seen recently with a man we care for with Downs Syndrome. After his mother passed away, he looked for reassurance and always tried to please his family around him. We took time to develop a good relationship with our client’s family, allowing him to start choosing his own weekly shopping. He now has a board in the kitchen with his meal plans so he feels in control of what he is eating, and even helps prepare the food! Its’ really boosted his confidence in his own abilities.

Physical health

Whilst Covid has restricted many of the group activities and clubs that we access with our clients, our carers have been fantastic with their clients and finding other ways to keep active and engaged.

From walks outdoors, to movie afternoons in the house, playing games and puzzles and also practically doing household chores together, our clients can add structure to their day whilst having fun and being social. This really does increase their sense of independence and happiness.

Our clients do look to us for support and advice, and that is what we love providing. But through compassionate person-centred care, we really can make a difference to the quality of a person’s life so that they can thrive during these exceptional times.

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