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Later life

Trying to decide what to do about care in later life can feel overwhelming, but our practical, independent support and advice can help you make the best choices at a difficult time.

You may be worried about the challenges of getting older, whether that’s health, your home environment or money concerns. Or you might be anxious about your partner in life who you live with – wondering which care options could be necessary for the future and how you’re going to finance them.

If you’re starting to think about care and support in later life, it’s good to be aware of the available options. What’s right for you will depend on lots of different factors, we will undertake an assessment of your care needs and agree a package to suit your personal needs.

Maintaining your independence for as long as possible and enabling you to remain in your own home is important and we will help you to live well with the right support.

There are plenty of improvements you can make to your home to ensure it’s safe and suitable for your needs as you get older as well as determining your personal care needs.

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